Barking Up The Wrong Tree?? @Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls, Hong Kong

So, I am back in Hong Kong from my hols.  The first thing I did was going on a hike with Hiker Dude – against the advise of my girl friends.  “Why would you want to go hiking with someone who’s giving you confusing signals?”.   Anyway, I followed my heart, took the advise of my guy friends who (3 out of 3) all encouraged me to give the relationship a chance – so I went.  My BFF, a guy, even gave me the comparison of ‘instant noodles and a steak’.  Huh?  I guess the premise is that:  Steak tastes better but takes longer time to cook – a weird analogy, but hey, Chinese people loves to eat and given the opportunity will eulogise about food anytime, hands-down!

On my personal front, if a guy initiate chats with you first thing in the morning, that means he is interested, right? Plus, me being me, I’ve grilled him… I have a kick-ass, Devil-may-care-attitude and whatever conflicting signals he’s giving me, it only means he’s confused… or whatever… Father Time will tell...or whatever… LOL  😉

Here are the summary pictures of our hike today which I took with my iPhone 5s.  Heard that iPhone 6 is on the way – so, yippee – better photos to come! *High Fives Guys and Gals*

For the unfit, the hike is rather tiring since it’s mostly ascent.  I LOVE ascent, walking Up and Up which  really work your booties.  Best to walk upright, lift knees high and stomp up, this puts less pressure on knees but really works the glutes.

All in all, there are 3 falls in Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls…


Bottom Fall


Middle Fall


Scatter Fall

Because we are fit people, we took a longer detour to Kadoorie Farm – to see the fat pigs…

Some wild flowers on route.


White Zephra Lilies


No idea what these flowers are


Views… there were other more spectacular views but I couldn’t be bothered with taking my iPhone out from my backpack… so next time, Peeps! 🙂

The fat pigs…there are 6 altogether. A breed called ‘Da Hua Bai’, formally appointed the Kadoorie Education Ambassadors on August 1 2013 to encourage  visitors to ‘eat less meat’.   (Er… really? ‘Fraid, I can’t do that, I need protein for bodybuilding! :-()


A Fat Pig Called ‘Andrew’

Lunch at Kadoorie Farm Cafe.


Picturesque, outdoor and relaxing garden setting

My healthy organic lunch


Garden Salad + Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk HK$52

A hiking buddy’s lunch, I ‘stole’ the snaps while she went to the Ladies to change…


Vegetarian Omelette HK$32

Hey Sista, Go Sista, Flow Sista… @ Wooloomooloo Prime, The One , TST, Hong Kong

OH MY, Oh my… goodness gracious me!  How had my blog stalled!  Well, can’t blame me.  I’ve got myself a saucy gal pal and we have been hitting the town.  It never cease to amuse me how grotesquely retarded some guys are – Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce sour?  Excuse me??  I don’t speak French, but I think I know what that means from ‘Lady Marmalade’!!  F-Off Loser!

Some updates…

On my dating front, I’ve called it quits.  Enough with phatic expressions and raking my brains with what to say.  I don’t need more stress in my life!  The last date – bless him, he came all the way from Macau to meet me – was akin to meeting my university professor, talking about archi-torture, deconstructivism and Zaha Hadid for 2 solid hours (?) – man, can you find a drier subject??  To my credit, I  did try to read Umberto Eco’s works, hoping to make me more intellectual, I read, and I read, but I could not make any sense! Daunting indeed…and unlike Zaha, I’m too feeble to stick to my guns to pursue my dreams for over 20 years!

A promo clip of Zaha’s latest commission in Macau – City of Dreams Hotel Tower.

Deconstructivism, by the way, is  ‘anti postmodern’, basically a study of semiotics – signs, metaphor, symbolisms and a whole heck of goodness know what – I did attempt to understand it, but in the end, I figured, hey, why not distort all the lines on my CAD drawings – and voila!  Deconstructivism!  Elementary!  But of course this is not what it is…

The past month I resumed hiking, took up belly dancing and been out on several wine masterclasses.  I’m also making marked improvement in my physique, breaking my PRs and having lost 8 lbs of fat since January – and getting RESPECT in the gym.  LOL

‘Nuff said, I met up with my uni mate on a wet melancholy day in Wooloomooloo Prime @ The One, one of my fav places in TST (previous post here).  We had the perfunctory 3-course set lunch menu…pics and my 2-cents follows…

Date of Visit:  May 9 2014



Smoked Duck Carpaccio, celeriac, Baby Spinach and Hazelnut Dressing

Tasteless duck carpaccio with a thick layer of solidified fat with neither a hint of smokiness about it.  Hazelnut dressing was bland, I thought perhaps some anchovies might give some saltiness that the smoked duck lacked…  The celeriac-slaw was alright – and the baby spinach too.

Main Course


King Fish with Purple Coleslaw, Crispy Almonds and Yellow Capsicum Sauce (HK$218)

The King Fish was severely overdone and tasted like rubber.  We asked to change which the waitress graciously allowed. We noticed later, that this is the most popular choice in the resto, and perhaps due to our earlier complaints  the cook took care to not leave the fish too long on the grill (as we noted none were returned to the kitchen).  Kudos to us! 😜


Slow-cooked Cajun Spring Chicken with Creamy Lentils, Cabbage and Fresh Lime (HK$228)

The chicken fared better.  Juicy and succulent but unfortunately not properly cooked in the middle.  By then, I was too full to complain – the creamy lentils and the cabbages paired well.


My friend ordered Tiramisu, while I had the cheese plate.  I should be on carb-cycling diet at the moment – Day 1:  High-carb Low-fat; Day 2:  Moderate-carb Low-fat;  Day 3:  Low-carb Moderate-fat; Day 4:  Zero-carb High-fat.  It’s an easy plan to follow if you are a hermit in a cave, but because I like to go out, I tend to be on Day 3 most of the time… so far, I’m still making progress in the gym… but I really need to be more disciplined by NOT eating out if I want a more dramatic transformation! 😱 😱 😱


Tiramisu with Amaretto, Lady Fingers and Chocolate Tuile


Cheese Selection wit Dried Fruits, Nuts, Apples and Crackers

We took time to finish with our complimentary tea and coffee – watching the the rain drops beating on the windows and the grey skies clearing to reveal a very clear unpolluted skyline of Victoria Harbour, it was the best 3 hours spent in perfect girly talk.  Flow Sista!  See you in June!  😘


Raindrops falling on my window