Soaking the Ambience @Ammo, Admiralty, Hong Kong

(A scheduled post from the Chica currently on a month-long luncheon in Japan)

Date of Visit: February 17 2013

AMMO is The Hong Kong Asia Society’s museum restaurant and bar. It is housed in a cantilevered glass box wedged under the landmark building designed by New York based architects Todd Williams & Billie Tsien.

The name of the restaurant/bar is very clever – combining the duality of ‘Ammo’, a slang term for ammunition, and the acronym for ‘Asia, Modern, Museum and Original’.


Glass box of activity cantilevering out of the rock. Visual interaction with its natural surrounding

To enter the surreal ultra-chic copper-inspired museum restaurant/ bar, one has to climb up the stairs, pass the century-old heritage-listed banyan tree and walk through the garden of greens, stones and rocks.


Heritage protected Banyan Tree (over 100 yo)


Garden entrance

The designer of this whimsical interior architectural wonder is Joyce Wang. In her experimentation for creativity which is respectful to the context while also alluding to the historical signifcance of the building, she created a unique and retro-chic swish interior masterpiece using copper pipes which were abundant in the former British military explosives magazine.

“The source of inspiration for AMMO was derived from a science fiction film noir masterpiece directed by Jean-Luc Godard known as ‘Alphaville’. This particular 1960’s influence is one of the jewel attributes as to why this space has such importance.”

Feature wall mural at the bar brings excitement and dynamics the place. Cpper pipes riveted together in immaculate detailing. An absolutely swish place to dine and relax in.


Check out the level of detailing in the riveting

With a ceiling height of 6m, the designer is able to create an exceptional space using 3 sculptural spiral staircase chandeliers made of copper pipes to fill up the space and an aura of high drama.


Spiral- staircase chandelier of copper pipes

The naked bulbs while classy, also contributes to a warm soothing ambience especially in the evenings.


Bar’s counter top with naked bulbs underneath


Naked bulbs under the bar’s counter top gives out a warming glow and thus a soothing ambience especially at night


Circular chandeliers with naked bulbs

The copper-ribs of the bunker-like ceiling reminds diners of the site’s magazine history.


Ceiling with a mirror in the center supported by copper ribs


Chandeliers together with the military and industrial elements refers the overall setting to is former glory as a British Military Explosive Magazine

Custom-made furnitures


High chair at the communal table


Detail of the table – riveted table edge and copper pipes for table-stand

Afternoon Tea

I had perused the online menu but didn’t appreciate shell-fish-n-pasta-centric menu, so I settled on the afternoon tea ($308 for 2 persons), which is only available during the weekends.



The bites were delicious but very dainty and tiny. I’d say “Let’s rock-and-roll kiddies!”


Afternoon tea set for 2

The scones with blackberry jams were very good. I will suggest that you order scones (didn’t check the price, sorry) and a pot of tea ($50) instead of the afternoon tea.


Scones with blackcurrent jam and cream

The savouries were good too, but too small to savour the taste properly (boo…)


Mini Savouries – croquette, beef cheek bruchetta and sardine bruchetta

PS: The pricing for the wines are reasonable starting at $95 per glass.