Tokyo Marathon 2013… Ready or Not, Here I Come!!

The day has finally came, I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow to ‘run’ in the Tokyo Marathon 2013 on Sunday. To run is a misnomer since I have not been running for 2 months now due to my stress fracture which is taking a very long time to heal.

All I have been doing are HIIT on the elliptical and bike.  I couldn’t continue with my deep water running as the public pool here would not allow  ‘foreign object’ in the main pool (eg my flotation belt).  Physically, I am very drained and exhausted from my gung-ho attitude to go to the gym as soon as I roll out of bed – I need more sleep!  Mentally, I’m staying positive – my friend commented on my ‘Ah Q attitude’ – Ah Q is the proverbial Chinese village idiot who is known for deluding himself into believing he is the victor every time he loses a fight!  (Hang on, is he making fun of me?)

In the last week of mara-prepping. I saw my physio to scalp my feet to increase blood-circulation – hell, it hurt so good! I also started on my Arnica course (this is a natural anti-inflamatory med), used the capsicum plaster to warm up my feet to increase the blood circulation and bandaged my feet with sportstape to stabilise the base of my metatarsals so I won’t aggravate the fracture further. Today, I am starting my Voltaren 75mg (twice daily) so it will kick in by race day.

My goal is simply to finish the race and get the finisher’s medal. The motivator or bait is to be back in the hotel in time for my 4pm massage, then slink to the talk-of-the-town molecular dinner at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

With my Leukoplast sports tape, fisiocream, sunblock and Volatren packed.  I’m ready – and looking forward to my 3 weeks of eating and travelling around Japan!

Incidentally February 24 coincides with Hong Kong’s Standard Chartered Marathon.  Check out this dude’s running style!  (Note anything perculiar?)

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