Tokyo Marathon 2013 ‘Not-So-Good’ Training Update


‘Winter Fantasy Land’ in Harbour City, HongKong. Taken in November 2012

I definitely feel like the rabbit in time warp!

With less than 3 weeks to the Tokyo Marathon 2013 and still nursing my fractured metatarsal, I am taking a break in my aqua running to go to Kuala Lumpur for a week of meetings. Since it’s my grandma’s 97th birthday the week after next and Lunar New Year on Feb 10, a transit in Hong Kong is in order before I head off to Tokyo for my ’42km Tokyo Fun Run’.

Suffice to say, my training is NOT enough and my metatarsal fracture is taking its own sweet time to heal. I met with my Pod a couple of days ago. He was totally against me running, but since I’m deadset, he told me to stop if there is any pain because he doesn’t want to put screws in my foot! (Nice one, doc! You really scared me now…)

No matter what, I will toe off at the Start Line and make it to the Finish. Whatever happens in between… well, I will look out for race marshals in grey jackets if I feel discomfort and want to surrender in the middle of the race. They will put me in the race bus to transfer me to the Finish at Tokyo Big Sight! Yay! Problem solved!

My late lunch at the Malaysia Airlines Golden Club Lounge, Sydney Airport: Vegetable herbal broth soup. Waaaayy…too sweet, but the ingredients were healthy (bak choy, carrots, celery, coriander and dates with rice vermicelli)