How Meetings Are Conducted in The Boo

Meetings are the serious side of  business – and becoming almost fun in The Boo and a source of entertainment second to watching bootleg DVDs easily sourced from the local mall.

Now, anyone who has ever participated in group projects will know that a meeting is a platform to put forward issues to be discussed, sorted, reviewed, assessed or negotiated.  Most importantly, meetings help to improve communication channels and the information gathering process in order to ‘seal the deal’.

Suffice to say, I am made to endure monthly meetings in The Boo which tangent off the norm whereby the person calling the meetings works on his own personal vendetta in maliciously discrediting another member without the knowledge of business operation nor management, much less in bringing about a constructive and productive end-result, in the end, he achieved nothing other than making a fool of himself and wasting people’s time. This cycle (meetings – we have at least 10 in 1 day!  Go figure!) repeats every month timed to his sibling’s return from overseas.

Of course a lot of groundwork has to be done beforehand, that in gaining support of the other free-loading members,   Untruths are easy to dispell and accepted when benefits are involved. It is the conscience that has to be overcame,that’s when Lord Almighty comes in, “Our Father who art in Heaven, I come visit every Sunday”, and thus let meself be known as good-standin’ Christian. Heck! Ain’t know how tah read dah Bible ‘tho! No probs bro, just show dah face up! And thus, a town of sinners redeemed by the numerous Churches of different secs came.  (Yeah, I see a Church to the left and out  to the right of my apartment window)

As always and without fail, meetings has to be kicked off by the self-crowned Chairman-cum-MD (was cum Company Secretary as well before the legal eagles said “no can do”) for quorum. Torture then proceeds with his reading from the agenda. His oft side-kick aka his son aka drop-kick will thus read from his own set of script prepared by solicitors (paid no less from the Company’s coffers) and duly responded by the father by reading from his own set of scripts!  Back-and-forth and back-and-froth, seriously dudes your show/ duo-logue is bad – neither convincing nor deserving of the fudly TV – rewind and repeat, I doze off and can even repeat your lines. And why can’t you?

So Friday was one of those days, my first meeting started at 8:45am.  The only misnomer was that I had been kept awake by the annoying neighbourhood mutt which could not stop barking from 2am and was still going on when I left home at 7am. Tired and irritable, the fun of seeing people putting on a monkey-show reading from prepared scripts is wearing thin.  To break the monotony, I asked some questions, they can’t answer, irritated, they proceeded to raise their voice, then toned down when they realise they are losing their cool.   The indignant me asked some more questions and you see their faces darken.  Anyway, not in the mood to bicker, I have more important thing to do, say, “Toodle-doo, am ducking home Down-under.  Got a flight to catch.  See ya later, ta-tah!” .  I see their faces drop in disappointment, “What?”.  Sorry, dudes, I know you have prepped for 2 nights, judging from your Panda-eyes, but you can repeat your performance 6 more times yourselves – just tape record it and sent me the minutes, no? .  I pray that the chills awaits as I have a brand new Christopher Kane fur jacket mom bought for me hanging in my wardrobe.

With plenty of time, I swung by Sing Mee Kee Coffee Shop for the famous ‘Soon Kai’s Kampua’, named after a politician by his cronies because that was the kampua (dry tossed noodles) stall he often frequented. Much like tbe expired politician facing his twilight years battling Parkinson, this ordinary plate of tossed noodles in MSG and oil/ lard is cold, tasteless and unmemorable if not for its namesake.


Kampua, dry tossed noodles traditionally in lard that Sibu is famous for

Much flavoursome and memorable was my inflight meal from Sibu to Kuala Lumpur. A Chicken Korma in thick peanut gravy, pickled vegetables and Biryani rice served piping hot. The sweet beef vermiceli was delicious, ate the marashino cherry but better leave the old-school Black Forest cake with mock cream untouched.


MAS Inflight Meal from Sibu to KL

[Disclaimer:  Under the influence of a cheap Champers in the Kris Lounge, Changi Airport, I wrote this post on a strictly without prejudice basis whilst awaiting for my flight home to Sydney tonight.  So see yu later alligators, when I’m back in Sy-der-ney!]


My ride – SilkAir from KL to Singapore today