Quivo, Pavilion KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visits:  Various since April 2015

There are many, many restaurants in Pavilion KLCC – and the thing is, they all serve practically the same stuff!

I have been frequenting Quivo quite often when I’m in town.  I like the interior decor – pretty and swanky, like sitting in a furniture shop 😜 – and with the opened terrace, I can indulge in my favourite activity that is people-watching, while sitting high up in the high chair by the bar area!

Pretty swish interior

The barman is entertaining too when he’s juggling the bottles to mix drinks! 👯👯


Bar area

Art-deco-mod Menu Cover! (Slightly tired nonetheless…)

To drink…

A fruit juice combo (carrot, berries,etc..?)

Vino blanco💃🏻

There’s also a wide range of alcoholic beverages and cocktails which I shall try and Instagram (check me out here ) next time instead…

Even though I have been there a few times, I only just realised that Quivo is a ‘Mediterranean inspired restaurant’ when I googled it!  😜  Ex..see..Q..see..mee!  Anyway, here are pictures of stuffs I’ve tried!

A piping hot Cheesy Spinach Dip with toasted pita bread.  Nice snack while waiting for the mains to arrive.


Spinach Dip

The healthy Meze share plate.  There’s hummus made from chickpeas and spicy salsa with roasted peppers.  There’s an inflated pita bread to dip the hummus and salsa and crunchy crudités and olives for munching.


Mezze Platter

Chicken Caesar with an overly generous coating of shaved parmesan cheese, but only a skewer of chicken.  Although, I like the salad, I didn’t like the rock-hard cold chicken nor the poached egg with a just-thawed yolk!


Chicken Caesar Salad

We have tried a couple of the burgers on the menu. Here’s a picture of the Spicy Fish Burger that I’ve tried, it was good – and rather healthy with grilled barramundi and extra jalapeños for a kick!

Spicy Fish

The Philly Style Wagyu Steak Sandwich was seared beef stacked with onions, grilled peppers, stir-fried mushrooms, cheese and mustard-mayo in a hoagie roll.  It was very American! So, I don’t think it is Mediterranean at all! Still, it was a nice stomach filler.

Philly Style Wagyu Steak Sandwich

The paddle board pizza selections are highly recommended!  If I recall, you can choose to have either the regular or thin crust pizza base.


Pizza Margherita

And last but not least, the Fish and Chips


Fish and Chips

…’til next time!

Porky The Flying Ace @Porcorosso, Sydney

A tip from a ‘clayton runner‘ ( A runner who is not a runner ??), once you’ve taken up running as a sport, NEVER TAKE AN EXTENDED BREAK ‘cos it’s darn hard to pick up from where you left.

So, what’s up?  With travelling, work and family matters over the last 3 months, I’ve stopped running – or any kind of exercises for that matter.  Moreover, my relocation to the fringe of the tropical jungles on Borneo means that despite my good intentions, I am at the mercy of the weather – blinding hot sun likening to life in the Sahara or a heavy downpour likening to T8 in The Philippines.   But before my guilt kills me for sitting on my arse too much, I made the resolution to get up before the crack of dawn each day when Mr Sun is still asleep to get acquainted with my Asics again.

As I ran, my mind harkens to the jumbo grissinis at Porcorosso, a Japanese-Italian pizza pasta joint in Sydney – and also it’s mascot, Porcorosso

(Tip #2: Thinking of food when one is seriously huffing and puffing is a good motivator to keep running – think of carbo-loading after!)  


Honestly, naming your restaurant after a figurine pig may seem daft, but befitting for the joint partnership of a Japanese and his four Italians mates.  Intriguingly, Porcorosso is named after the animated crimson pig (Porco Rosso in Italian) made famous in a popular animated film by Japanese anime master Hayao Miyazaki.  Porcorosso was an Italian WWI fighter ace pilot turned bounty hunter who was cursed and turned into a pig…

The restaurant is located on the unassuming ground floor of a residential block in the industrial area of Waterloo.  

(Tip #3:  Buy some nuts at The Nut Shop  opposite  for your trail mix).  

Not much money is spent on refurbishment –  concrete floor, exposed overhead pipings, sacks of flour on the floor, parma slicer on the counter  and the most the interesting part is that there is a window where once can eat and watch the baker making the fresh pizza and chef cooking pasta.


Carrying on the quirky theme of Italian- Japanese joint effort, the pizzas are named after Italian numbers, whereas the pastas are named after the Japanese numbers.

Antipasti of Jumbo Grissini and Parma Prosciutto

This is large platter for all to share.  The crusty chewy grissinis were freshly made and hot out the oven while the sweet smelling rosy coloured parma ham were sliced to order



Very oriental-inspired.  A bit like my mom’s cooking at home.  Mushroom and broccoli with sun-dried tomatoes all stirred up and fried in a pan.  I like this pasta because it was not heavily drenched with sauces.  The pasta was also made at the restaurant and has a chewy springy texture



This was the ‘Special’ on the board on that day.  A simple pizza with ham and cheese folded in half.


Much of the credit to the success of Porcorosso lies in its Neapolitan-style pizza crust, lightly crispy, slightly chewy,  little bit charred and fragrant

Pizza Uno

Laid with tomato sauce, parma prociutto, mozzarella, rocket and cherry tomatoes.


Pizza Due

Laid with tomato sauce, smoked ham, mozzarella, wild mushrooms, artichokes, olives


While you’re at it, chinwag with a glass of Rosso!!  Let’s all go all cheery and crimson like Porky!

<img alt=”Porcorosso on Urbanspoon” src=”http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/logo/1655793/biglogo.gif” style=”border:none;padding:0px;width:104px;height:34px” />

High-end Pizza Joint @Spasso Milano, Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Dates of Visits: Multiple times since 2012

Hey, hey, hey!!   I dropped by KL recently  and did my customary call at one of my regular dining joints there.  I have very simple criteria when it comes to choosing a restaurant to dine.  No food smell, an easy menu to navigate, comfortable seats and a bit of peace and quiet so I can chat and relax with my dining companions. After trying out most of the eateries in Pavilion Mall, KLCC, my hang-out joint is most definitely Spasso Milano, an Italian restaurant on the top floor of Pavilion Mall. I have been there so many times, I practically know the menu by memory now!

Spasso’s open restaurant concept is perfect for people watching too!  I must say I saw a few interesting characters walking pass.



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